How to Fix Bricked iPhone/iPad after iOS 10 Upgrading?

How to Fix Bricked iPhone/iPad after iOS 10 Upgrading?

Have you upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS10? Here’s the the solution in case your devices become a brick.

As Apple’s iOS10 released, many people are attracted to the newest and awesome features and choose to upgrade. It gives you a sense that you have gotten a new iPhone after upgrading, but some of them fail instead and find that their phone completely useless. Especially the one who updates it from OTA. Unluckily, if you face the problem that have your iPhone bricked when upgrading to iOS10. Here are some ways for you to save your phone and your data.

1.Put iPhone/iPad into DFU Mode

1)Connect your iPhone/iPad to computer, and open the iTunes.

2)Hold the “Home” and “Power” button at the same time for 10 seconds.

3)After 10 seconds, let go the “power” button but still hold the “Home” button for another 10 seconds.

4)A message will pop up and it shows that your device turns into the DFU mode successfully.

5)Close the message and click the “recover iPhone”, iTunes appears a dialog box, click “next” and “agree”, after that, the FWH will be back to your device.

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If above way can’t help you to recover your iPhone/iPad, repeat the steps, put the iPhone or iPad into recovery and then select restore rather than update. If that still doesn’t work, you may have to take a trip into an Apple store to get it fixed.

2.Have a backup with iTunes

If you don’t want to lost all the data when your phone goes something wrong during upgrading. Make a backup. Once the data lost, use the iPhone Data Recovery to help you.

1)Turn off iCloud before backup.

Make sure that iCloud is turned off before your backup, since the backup is not supported with iCloud on.

2) Connect your iPhone with computer and launch iTunes.

3) Start to Backup.

Check your device on the left panel, and click "Back Up Now" button on the right.